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Started in my late 40's

I did not start the study of marital arts until I was in my late 40s.  My first exposure to them. in a health club when I was much younger, was not very positive;  "What do you do when you get into a bar fight".  Since starting my study in a true martial art, the Tae Soo Do level of the Hwa Rang Do arts, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.  My advancement may take longer than some of my Hwa Rang brothers, but  my efforts and achievements are respected.  I have never been in a course of study, physical or academic, where I have been so supported by my instructors and fellow students.  This is not something to do when you are young and let fall aside when you mature.  It is something that keeps you young as you mature.  I would hope anyone, of any age, would consider Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do.  There is nothing to loose, nobody is ever looked down upon because of their ability and everyone is respected because of their efforts, and there is everything to gain in physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

John S. Bartal

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